A one-semester seminar required for graduation with a BS in Behavioral Neuroscience. It constitutes the University's requirement for a "Comprehensive Examination" described in the Undergraduate catalog. This course explores recent issues in behavioral neuroscience to integrate the breadth of coursework for the Behavioral Neuroscience major. Specific topics vary by semester and by student interest. Some readings will be assigned by the instructor and some will be selected by students. Students will prepare readings for presentation and discussion in class. This will be accompanied by a small empirical research project (or approved alternative) culminating in a thesis written in accordance with the standards in a scientific field, for example, AMA Manual of Style or Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. Grading is based on class participation, instructor assessment of students' presentations and literature, progess/performance measures, and tests on topics such as statistics, experimental design, and searching the scientific literature as needed for the subject-matter of the seminar. To hone communication skills, presentation at an on-campus events such as the Arts and Sciences Exposition may be required. Prerequisite: BIO 350 or PSYC 343. 3 credits.

Prerequisite(s): BIO-350 OR PSYC-343