Office Directory

As of August 2018

Office of the President

Dennis DePerro, Ed.D.    

Thomas Buttafarro Jr., M.A.    
Director of Board, Community & Government Relations

Sarah S. Stangle, B.A.    
Executive Administrative Assistant

Office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Joseph E. Zimmer, Ph.D.    
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Barb O’Keefe    
Executive Administrative Assistant

Ann Lehman, M.B.A.    
Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs

Mark Inman, M.A.
Project Manager, Institutional Research 

Loriann Yardman
Institutional Research Associate 

Lisa Buenaventura, Ed.D.    
Dean, School of Education

Aaron Chimbel, M.S.    
Dean, Jandoli School of Communication

David Hilmey, Ph.D.    
Dean, School of Arts and Sciences

Matrecia James, Ph.D.    
Dean, School of Business

Douglas Pisano, Ph.D.     
Dean, School of Allied Health

Office of Graduate Studies

Lisa Buenaventura, Ph.D.    
Graduate Dean

Friedsam Memorial Library

Ann M. Tenglund, M.L.S., M.S.Ed.   
Director of the Library 

Mary Ellen Ash, M.S.L.I.S.    
Reference & Government Documents Librarian

Dennis Frank, M.L.S.    

Cathy Maldonado, M.L.S.     
Reference & Interlibrary Loan Librarian

Marsia Painter, M.S.L.S.    
Reference Librarian

Paul J. Spaeth, MLS, MA    
Special Collections Librarian, Curator of the Lax Archives

Elizabeth Stengel, M.L.I.S.    
Reference Librarian

Christine Zeitler, M.L.I.S    
Reference Librarian

Technology Services

Michael Hoffman, Ed.D.     
Associate Provost and Chief Information Officer

Tyler Ayers   
Network Services Manager

Karla Bright, A.A.S.     
Instructional Support Specialist

Daniel P. Donner, B.S.E.    
Director User Services

Timothy Geiger, B.A.    
Director of Enterprise Services

Timothy Hill, B.A.    
Media Support Specialist

Eric Hund, B.A. 
Helpdesk Assistant

Robert Hyde, B.B.A.    
Network Support Specialist

Lauren Newcome, B.S.    
Enterprise Projects Manager

Wayne Oonk, A.A.S.    
PC/LAN Support Specialist

Michael Rosenswie, B.S.    
PC/LAN Support Specialist

Samhitha Srinivasan, B.S.
Database Analyst

Carol Strauch, B.A.    
Director, Online and International Student Services

Zach Tarbell, B.S.    
Applications Developer

Victoria Thompson, A.A.S.     
Administrative Assistant

Registrar's Office

George Swindoll, M.Ed

Genny Brockel, B.A.
Assistant Registrar

Kelsey Folckemer, B.S.
Assistant Registrar

Amanda Sandburg, B.B.A.    
Records Coordinator

Student Success Center

Christopher Brown, M.B.A.
Executive Director Student Success and Director, Higher Education Opportunity Program (HEOP)

Sarah Augostini Barnard, M.B.A.
Assistant Director, Student Success Center

Jean Trevarton Ehman, M.A.    
Director, Learning Center

Adriane Spencer, M.S.Ed.     
Director, Disability Support Services

Carol Strauch, B.A.    
Director, Online and International Student Services

Margaret Young, M.S.Ed.      
Associate Director, Higher Education Opportunity Program (HEOP)

Adam Colton, PhD.    
Academic Skills Specialist

Laurence D. Whitcomb, M.S.Ed.     
Math Specialist

Lisanny Manzueta, B.A.
Academic Counselor

Laurie Domes
Administrative Assistant, Student Success Center

Yvette Jordan    
Administrative Assistant, Online and International Student Services

Nina Peterson, B.S.    
Administrative Assistant, HEOP

Kathy Wysocki    
Office Manager, Learning Center

Office of Enrollment

Bernie Valento, M.S.    
Vice President for Enrollment

Patricia Oakley, B.S.    
Executive Administrative Assistant

Matthew Retchless, M.A.    
Director of Graduate Admissions

Douglas Brady, M.F.A.    
Director of Admissions

Michael Murray, M.A.    
Assistant Director of Recruitment

Dana Demarest, M.B.A.      
Assistant Director of Technology and Operations

Gail Marasco, B.S.    
Coordinator of Admissions Technology

Monica Emery, M.S. Ed    
Director of Volunteer Relations and Events

Taylor Rosenberg, B.S.    
Assistant Director

Chris Scheppner, M.A.    
Assistant Director

Dean Whitcomb, B.B.A.    
Assistant Director

Andrew Wyatt, B.A.    
Coordinator of Transfer Success and Articulation 

Amanda Wilton Davis, B.A.
Coordinator for Admissions Communications

Monica S. Thomas, Ph.D   
Director of Franciscan Health Care Professions

Mary Frac, B.S.
Admissions Counselor

Imani Outlaw, M.B.A.
Admissions Counselor

Office of Financial Aid

Christopher Cartmill, B.B.A   

Michelle Schram, B.B.A.    
Assistant Director

Richelle Dalaba, B.B.A.    
Financial Aid Counselor

Jill Rohl
Financial Aid Technician 

Sue van der Horst
Financial Aid Technician 

Office of Marketing and Communication 

Thomas Missel, B.A.    
Interim Vice President for University Relations

Danny Bush, M.A.    
Senior Multi-media Producer

Thomas Donahue, B.A
Director of Print and Electronic Publications

Beth A. Eberth, B.A.    
Director of University Communications

Elizabeth Palumbo, M.B.A
Director of Marketing

Jennifer Pulver, B.A.
Director of Graphic Design

Jim Serfini
University Switchboard Operator 

Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs

Kathryn O'Brien, M.P.A.
Vice President for Student Affairs 

Ann E. Hurlburt   
Executive Administrative Assistant

Fr. Ross Chamberland, O.F.M., EdD.
Assistant Vice President for Student Engagement

Nichole J. Gonzalez, M.B.A.    
Executive Director of Residential Living & Conduct

Gary Segrue, M.A.    
Director, Office of Safety and Security

Robert S. DeFazio, M.S.Ed.    
Director, Center for Activities, Recreation & Leadership/Richter Recreation Center 

Thomas Chulick, M.A.    
Assistant Director, Center for Activities, Recreation & Leadership

Coordinator of Intramural, Recreational and Club Sports, Center for Activities, Recreation & Leadership

Andrew T. Osborne, B.S.    
Head Coach Men’s Rugby

Clarence Picard, B.A.    
Head Coach Women’s Rugby

Pamela Ferman, M.S.Ed.
Director, Career and Professional Readiness Center

Parker Suddeth, B.A.    
Coordinator for the Damietta Multicultural Center

Career and Professional Readiness Center

Pamela Ferman, M.S.Ed.

Constance M. Whitcomb, M.S.Ed.    
Career Consultant 

Marie Torrey, M.S.Ed. 
Career Counselor 

Lisa Clark    
Administrative Assistant

Center for Student Wellness

Christopher Anderson, M.S.Ed, LMHC.    

Becky Seefeldt, DNP-BC    
Nurse Practitioner/Medical Services Manager

Marti Bova, L.P.N.    
Office Manager/Nurse

Genevieve Cox, L.P.N.

Amanda Edel, L.P.N.    
Administrative Assistant

Lynne Knowles, L.P.N.    

Jill Nolder, L.P.N.    

Melanie Gerber, M.A., L.M.H.C., CASAC    

Amy Mickle, M.S.Ed., L.M.H.C.

Chris Siuta, PhD., L.M.H.C.

Residential Living and Conduct

Nichole Gonzalez, M.B.A. 
Executive Director of Residential Living & Conduct

Cynthia Proctor    
Secretary for Residential Living & Conduct

Eric Somelofske, B.B.A.
Residence Director

Jasmine Foster, B.A.    
Residence Director

Gabrielle Slavny, B.B.A    
Residence Director

Office of the Director of Athletics

Timothy Kenney, M.S.     
Director of Intercollegiate Athletics

Barbara A. Questa, M.Ed.     
Deputy Director of Athletics/SWA

Steve Campbell, B.S.    
Associate Athletic Director for Internal Operations& Facilities

Steve Mest, M.S.    
Associate Athletic Director for External Relations

Assistant Athletic Director for Compliance

Sean McNamee, M.A.    
Assistant Athletic Director for Advancement 

Seth Johnson, M.S.    
Director of Marketing and Promotions

Victor Novelli, B.S.
Director of Athletics Business and Finance

Cameron Myers
General Manager - Bonnies Sports Properties

Kathy Parmentier, M.S.A.    
Ticket Office Manager

Rhonda Monahan, B.S.     
Purchasing and Operations Assistant

MaryBeth Fidurko     
Athletics Secretary

Michael Kasperski, M.B.A.     
Faculty Athletics Representative

Joel Rosencrance, M.S.Ed.
Director of Athletic Academic Support Services  

Hope Thomas, M.S.
Athletic Academic Coordinator

Scott Eddy, M.A.    
Director of Athletic Communications

Dylan Nuzzo, B.S.
Athletics Communications Assistant

Digital Media Director

Darryn Fiske, M.S.     
Director Strength and Conditioning

Connor Borowski, M.S.
Assistant Strength Coach

Nyla Rueter, M.A.     
Assistant Strength Coach

Bradly Pruett, M.S., A.T.C.    
Director of Sports Medicine/Head Athletic Trainer

Brian Berg, M.S., L.A.T., A.T.C., NREMIT-B
Athletic Trainer

Andrew Birschbach, M.S., L.A.T., A.T.C., CSCS 
Athletic Trainer

Matthew Smith, L.A.T., A.T.C.
Athletic Trainer

Olivia Anne Vita-Farnsworth, M.S. L.A.T., A.T.C. 
Assistant Athletic Trainer

Joshua Wall, M.S., L.A.T., A.T.C., CSCS
Assistant Athletic Trainer

Larry Sudbrook, B.S.     
Head Coach, Baseball

Brandon Salerno, B.B.A.    
Assistant Baseball/Strength and Conditioning Coach

Mark Schmidt, B.B.A.     
Head Coach, Men’s Basketball

Stephen Curran, B.A.     
Associate Head Coach, Men’s Basketball

Dwayne Lee, B.B.M.    
Assistant Coach, Men’s Basketball

Sean Neal, M.B.A.     
Assistant Coach, Men’s Basketball

Matt Pappano, M.A.      
Director of Men’s Basketball Operations

Jesse Fleming, B.A.   
Head Coach, Women’s Basketball

Jennifer Pruett, M.Ed.    
Assistant Coach, Women’s Basketball

Margaret Serratelli Latimer, M.Ed.   
Assistant Coach, Women’s Basketball

Ryan Phillips, M.S.    
Assistant Coach, Women’s Basketball

Alysha Giarra, M.Ed.    
Director of Women’s Basketball Operations

Bob Macfarlane, M.S.Ed.   
Head Coach, Men’s and Women’s Cross Country/Track Coach

Sarah Lonzi, M.S.    
Assistant Coach, Men’s and Women’s Cross Country/Track Coach

Ryan Swanson, B.S.    
Head Coach, Golf

Josh Stauffer, M.B.A.    
Assistant Coach, Golf

Randy Mearns, M.S.
Head Coach, Men’s Lacrosse

Gill Conners, B.A.   
Assistant Coach, Men's Lacrosse

Rick Schunke, B.B.A.
Assistant Coach, Men's Lacrosse

Chelsea Rosiek, B.A.    
Head Coach, Women's Lacrosse

Sara Nolan, B.B.A.     
Assistant Coach, Women's Lacrosse

Kwame Oduro, B.A.    
Head Coach, Men’s Soccer

Ryan Arvin, M.B.A.
Assistant Coach, Men’s Soccer

Steve Brdarski, B.B.A.
Head Coach, Women’s Soccer

Abby Pearson, B.A.
Assistant Coach, Women’s Soccer

Danielle Vis, B.A.
Assistant Coach, Women’s Soccer

Mike Threehouse, B.A.     
Head Coach, Softball

Todd Randall, B.A.
Assistant Coach, Softball

Skip Nitardy, B.S.     
Head Coach, Men’s and Women’s Swimming

Stephanie Fleming, M.B.A.      
Head Coach, Men’s and Women’s Diving

Ana Sofia Cordero, B.A.Sc.   
Assistant Coach, Men’s and Women’s Tennis

Abbie Bricker, B.S.
Cheerleading Coach

Office of the Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration

H. Daniel Hungerford, B.S., C.P.A., C.G.M.A.
Vice President for Finance and Administration 

Bonita Sturdevant, A.A.S.    
Executive Administrative Assistant

Business Office

Nancy K. Taylor, BB.A., C.P.A.

Karl Strauss, M.B.A., C.F.A., C.P.A    
Director of Finance

Ann R. Kightlinger, M.B.A.    
Director of Student Accounting Services

Patricia Shumway, B.B.A.    
Senior Accountant

Kathy Wagner, B.S.B.    

Wendy Higley, A.O.S.    
Junior Accountant

Kelly Hand     
A/P Staff Bookkeeper

Kimberly Ramarge, A.A.S. 
University Bookkeeper - Generalist

Lorie Tome, A.A.S.
Accounts Receivable Bookkeeper

Karalyn Anastasia, B.B.A.
Coordinator of Student Accounts

Michael Green, B.B.A.
Budget and Purchasing Assistant

Colleen Sandburg, A.A.S.
Purchasing Assistant 

Facilities Department

Robin Hurlburt, A.B.A.    
Director of Facilities Operations

Jared Smith    
Associate Director of Facilities

Christopher Heil 
Supervisor of Custodial Services

Joe Questa    
Carpenter Crew Chief

Tony Hoch    
Engineering Crew Chief

Jerry Wolf    
Groundskeeper Crew Chief

Jamie Peace     
Mailroom and Receiving Manager

Office of Human Resources

R. Erik Seastedt, M.S.    
Director of Human Resources

Jacquelin M. Zimmer    
Human Resources Assistant

Payroll Office

Nancy Ryan, A.O.S.     
Payroll Manager

Event Management

Caitlin Webster, B.S.    
Events and Conferences Manager

Jennifer Hassen, B.S.
Events Coordinator

The Regina A. Quick Center for the Arts

Ludwig Brunner, H.M. (AT)    
Executive Director

Evelyn J. Penman, B.A.    
Assistant Director/Curator of Exhibitions

Sean Conklin, M.B.A.    
Assistant Curator

Donald T. Hopwood, M.A.     
Technical Director

Jennifer Skroback, A.O.S.     
Office Manager

Dining Services

Nikki Clark   
General Manager

Tina Herne     
Catering Director

Steve Young   
Food Production Manager

Andy Kirtz    
Executive Chef

Jen Penhollow    
Residential Manager

Jen Margeson    
Clubhouse Manager

Office of University Advancement

Robert Van Wicklin, M.A.     
Vice President for University Advancement

Angela Nelson, A.A.S.    
Executive Administrative Assistant

Susan Anderson, B.A.    
Director of Fundraising Communications

Martin Blind, M.S.     
Major Gifts Officer

Colleen Crino, B.A.
Data Specialist 

Rachel Elser, M.B.A.   
Bonathon Manager

Joe Flanagan, M.S.
Director of Alumni Services

Karen France, B.B.A.    
Assistant Director of Advancement Services 

Douglas Frank,
Consultant for Annual Fund 

Diane Frick, M.B.A.     
Director of Advancement Operations

Janet Glogouski, B.B.A.     
Major Gifts Officer

Anne Goergen, B.A.    
Director of Prospect Research

Karen Heitzinger    
Director of Annual Giving

Joseph W. Hoag, B.S.    
Major Gifts Officer

Robert F. Keenan, B.A.     
Associate Director of Planned Giving

Michael Kramer, B.S.    
Senior Major Gifts Officer, New York Metro Area - Regina A. Quick Arts Center Focus 

Alan Riddle, M.B.A    
Annual Giving Development Officer

Kathleen Ryan, B.B.A.     
Assistant Director of Development for Stewardship

Lucia Scotty, B.A.
Coordinator of Electronic Communications 

Diane Walker    
Gift Processing Manager

Jody Wickehnsky, B.S. 
Technical Coordinator for Advancement Services

Office of University Ministries

Fr. Francis Di Spigno, O.F.M.     
Executive Director, University Ministries

Amanda Naujoks, M.A.    
Director of the San Damiano Center for Pastoral and Liturgical Ministries

Debby Mooney    
Receptionist and Secretary

Alice Miller Nation, M.A.
Director of Franciscan Center for Social Concern

Marcia Wymer    
Coordinator of Liturgy and Music Ministry

Mt. Irenaeus Community

Br. Kevin Kriso, O.F.M., MTS, DMin

Fr. Daniel Riley, O.F.M., MDiv
Michael Fenn, M.B.A.
Executive Director

Michelle Marcellin    
Office Coordinator; Administrative Assistant

Mary Giardini    
Communications and Development Services Coordinator

Mary Schlosser, B.A.   
Coordinator of Development

Br. Joseph Kotula, O.F.M.
Coordinator of Facilities
Fr. Lou McCormick, O.F.M., M.A.
Coordinator of Hospitality

Ministers in Residence

Amanda Naujoks, M.A.    
Robinson/Falconio Hall

Fr. Peter Schneible, O.F.M., B.S., Ph.D.    
Shay-Loughlen Hall

Paula Scraba, O.S.F., Ph.D.    
Devereux Hall

Franciscan Institute

Fr. David Couturier, O.F.M.Cap., DMin    
Executive Director, Franciscan Institute
Director of University Planning

Jill M. Smith, M.B.A.    
Business Operations Manager, Franciscan Institute and Franciscan Institute Publications