Department of Sociology and Criminology

Department Chair: William Elenchin, Ph.D.


Fr. D. Blake, Ph.D.
W. Elenchin, Ph.D.
B. Gross, Ph.D.
K. Zawicki, Ph.D.

The value set characterizing all the activities of this department is, in the last analysis, a belief in the basic dignity of every human being. From this perspective we move to the more immediate objectives: to present students with various facets of the contemporary social world in a scientific and empirical manner. Specifically, this includes analysis of social structures, interactive processes, the nature and function of institutions, social group relationships, cultural-environment interrelationships, and cross-cultural studies with some emphasis on cultures outside the Euro-American tradition.

Furthermore, the department offers to its students an orientation of self in relation to others and to basic social institutions, including the family, church and state as well as the economic, educational and governmental processes within a global framework.The department offers a B.A. in sociology. The B.A. in sociology allows for a concentration in criminology. The department also offers minors in criminology, sociology and human services.

Advisory System

The department is strongly committed to its advisory system. Each student is assigned to a faculty member who will function as that student’s adviser until graduation. The student, in serious consultation with his/her adviser, will develop a program that best balances the needs of the student with the requirements of the department.